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Glasses Glasses

Porcelain decorative glasses, made by the incredible hands of Dolce Utopia, for this special collection.

Inspired by the glasses of our CEO and the famous phrase “The eye has to travel” by Diana Vreeland, they were born with the intention of taking them to explore the world.

“I firmly believe that it is necessary to know something to be able to reinterpret it and create from it. I want to share my vision of the world through these pieces. Leaving this glasses is like leaving a part of myself in each project. "

-Marco Martin. CEO


Made in an artisanal way.

The porcelain is pigmented during kneading so that the pieces can then be flattened and shaped. Once the shape is finished, they are protected in bags until they are completely dry and will be ready for the first baking at 900 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, they are given the desired finish and are baked for the second time at 1280 degrees Celsius.

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