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The Studio


Why do we travel? Is it the sensation of freedom born from traveling? I can feel it, is it because I feel that the world was my school? Experiences have taught me that culture and beauty are in front of our eyes, it is just enough to see our surroundings with a different perspective. We can travel through memories, textures, colors and even smells. Developing our sensitivity to achieve and capture the essence that makes that moment, that space, unique. Enrich, do not stop creating, observing. Our eyes should never get tired of being curious, of traveling.

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We create 360 experiences. Through contemporary pieces, lighting, textures and a pop of color, we can help our customers transform their vision of the world and intake authentic spaces that reflect their lifestyle.

On MM Estudio Interior, we believe that design can change lives.


For us, each project is unique and special, therefore, since 2011, we collaborate with our clients on projects of different magnitudes; from the selection of a special item, to the integral project of a property, tending at all times to every detail.